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Current Projects
msguidance Van will be producing and starring in a new webseries called, "Ms. Guidance." Click the picture to to watch an interview about this exciting new project! Click here for a gallery of pics of the filming which took place in July.
ES Van stars as Thom in the critically acclaimed webseries, EastSiders. The series airs on Logo TV online and has been edited into a full length movie which is available both on Logo and also through Wolfe On Demand. Click the picture for all the scoop including links and photo galleries.
DMC Van plays Jess Gibson, a new employee at a crisis center in Devil May Call, a new indie horror film written and directed by Jason Cuadrado. The film is being distributed by Lionsgate Entertainment will be available in North America On Demand beginning 2/24/2015 and on DVD 3/10/2015.
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kiss me kill me While confronting his unfaithful boyfriend, Dusty blacks-out. When he comes to his boyfriend is dead and he's the prime suspect. Van stars in this LGBT murder mystery written by David Michael Barrett and directed by Casper Andreas. Check out Van's video for the film's kickstarter campaign which ended November 5th.
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Van Joins the Cast Of "The Unveiling"
(L to R) James Ryan Caldwell, Elliotte Crowell, Van Hansis

The last weekend in February, the VanHansis.net team attended “The Unveiling” at Dixon Place in New York City. The play was written by James Ryan Caldwell , directed by Anna Brenner, and produced by Joel Glassman. It is set in upstate New York in the year 1919. The eccentric and reclusive artist Florine Stettheimer (Tina Mitchell) and her sisters, Ettie (Elisa Matula) and Carrie (Megan Hill), host a soiree for their bohemian, artist friends to unveil Florine’s latest painting. Van plays Gaston Lachaise, a French born American sculptor. Gaston spends most of his time discussing his obsession with rotund female figures as well as his admiration for his wife (who is clearly not rotund), Isabel Lachaise (Elliotte Crowell). Isabel is introduced as a somewhat ditzy, but sweet, woman who idolizes her husband and seems content to daydream, to sing to herself, to drink copious amounts of spiked punch, and to discuss her flower garden. Elliotte is hilarious in this role. The audience laughed out loud many times as she delivered her lines. In addition, we loved seeing Van adopt the French accent and the artistic affectations of Gaston Lachaise. The banter and flirtation between Gaston and Isabel were some of the funniest moments in the play. Toward the end of the play, however, there is an intense and uncomfortable scene between them that makes it clear that Isabel is much smarter than she appears.

Seeing the Unveiling made our entire team even more excited for Van’s upcoming web series, Ms. Guidance. James Ryan Caldwell is the co-creator of the series, and Elliotte Crowell plays the central character, Jenny Bump. Elliotte is an incredibly talented actress, and the on stage chemistry between Van and her is off the charts. In addition, James Ryan Caldwell’s writing is smart and darkly comedic with a touch of the absurd. In our opinion, Van’s fans are in for a treat when Ms. Guidance hits our screens.

stage program
Van's Film "Kiss Me Kill Me"
Is In Post-Production

All pics courtesy of "Kiss Me Kill Me" on Facebook

After a very successful kickstarter campaign last fall, filming for "Kiss Me Kill Me" began in Los Angeles on January 7th and wrapped on January 30th. The film is an LGBT murder mystery written by David Michael Barrett and directed by Casper Andreas. Van stars as Dusty, the prime suspect in the murder of his boyfriend. "Kiss Me Kill Me" boasts a super talented cast and includes some faces familiar to Van's fans. Check out their website, IMDb page, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for updates. You can also join the Facebook group for fans of the film.

Watch Van in Two Adorable & Funny Promotional Videos
For EastSiders!
With Kit Williamson
With Hank Chen
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